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The Pavillon de la Plage:
charming house on the Pink Granite Coast

Relaxation and Leisure at Pavillon de la Plage, Trebeurden

Seaside resort of Brittany located on the Pink Granite Coast, Trébeurden is full of tourist treasures. The intimate scale means the town and its surroundings, half of which is classified as a natural area, can be visited on foot, by bike, or even by boat. Each means of transport offers a unique point of view on this gem on the edge of the Channel. The hotel is close to many points of interest.


Trebeurden offers a wide range of excursions, in all seasons and for all levels: walking, cycling, horseback riding.


  • Tour of Ile Grande;
  • Ile Milliau;
  • Sea, Woods and Moors Circuit;
  • Viaduct circuit in the Léguer Valley;
  • The Beffou forest;
  • Around the Etang de Beffou pond;
  • Around the peninsula of Landrellec;
  • The Vallée des Papeteries;
  • Walk through time;
  • In the footsteps of Saint-Valan.

Cycling or mountain bike tours:

  • Mountain biking around Plouaret;
  • The way of the washerwomen in the Jaudy-Guindy Valleys;
  • Ancient stones circuit;
  • By bike from Lézardrieux to Plougrescant.


  • On horseback from the Léguer valley to the cliffs of Trédrez;
  • The wild peninsula on horseback;
  • The Equibreizh Nord on horseback.

Outdoor activities

  • Treasure hunts in the Léguer Valley: these fun walks consist in searching for a treasure trove of small objects while solving puzzles. Several treasure hunts reveal different aspects of local heritage.
  • Forests and remarkable trees: for lovers of walking, nature, and wild mushrooms the region is home to extensive woodland including the 630-hectare forest of Beffou, or the woods of Lann-ar-Waremm, the largest coastal forest.
  • Exceptional sites: framed by the cliffs of Pors Mabo and of Beg Léguer, the Goas Lagorn valley marks the boundary of the communes of Lannion and Trébeurden. It is one of the few dune complexes in this region. The Toëno is a natural site where you can observe nature in a peaceful setting. A unique feature is the menhir located in the middle of the saltwater marsh, which is covered by water at high tide. From this granite promontory the view embraces a vast panorama from the Seven Islands in the east, to Millau Island in the west, and the Triagoz archipelago to the north. To the rhythm of the tides, colours and lights, Le Castel Erek offers a beautiful example of well-preserved coastline. Far away from the sea, and protected from the harsh salt spray, the moors of Milin ar Lan reveal the different stages of vegetation after cultivation is abandoned. Gorse, heather and ferns with golden and green leaves grow in the crevices of the rocks. To discover this place, simply follow the GR34.
  • Maritime activities: kayaking, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, kite surfing, diving, sailing between islands, relaxing on the beach, Trébeurden offers a kaleidoscope of water and sea activities.